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<exhibition> Leave The Legs, We Are Arms @Roger's Office, Los Angeles. with Nathaniel Klein, Michael Kennedy Costa and Maura Murnane, texts by Rachel Paprocki and Michael Wright. 
 <publication> Three Works, 2018. 8.5x11 inches. 7 Windows from 2441 North 19th Avenue by Brody Albert, Medium Well by Sara Ellen Fowler and Untitled drug-store prints by Andy Brown
<publication> A Mirror To The Sun, 2018. 5.5x8.5 inches. Featuring text by Miguel Espinoza, Rachel Paprocki and Brody Albert, with drawings by Michael Kennedy Costa
<multiple> Spare Keys, 2017, water-jet cut spare keys, Edition of 10. Spare keys cut in the shape of the coastline from British Columbia, Canada to Souther tip of Oaxaca, Mexico. Produced for the Toronto Editions Fair, proceeds went to support
<exhibition> Teeter, 2015. Catherine Czacki, Nathaniel Klein, Antoine Renard and Michael Zahn with haikus by 13 Los Angelenos.
<exhibition> Zero Dark Birthday, 2014. Maura Brewer with text by Henry Reddy Sr.
<exhibition> The Mountain Show, 2013. Katie Shapiro, Kaeleen Wescoat-O'Neill, Daniel Hawkins with text by Amina Memory Cain
<exhibition> Still Life W/ Alligator, 2014. Sean Cassidy and Felisa Funes with text by David Ramsey
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